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        - Dr. (Miss) SHARAD SINGH

          Literacy means knowability of all things that is related with the social life. So, in that mean H-literacy is basically essential for everyone. H-literacy means literacy about History and Heritage. The Archeological department has protected the relics in the state or the country level. Though, it is not sufficient. Because they survey, finding, notifying and took under protection. But there are many places where has been one or two watch-man to the big area. So, now we should have a new and more effective style of protection to our History and Heritage.       
         Though, the debate is going on about History in these days. Well, generally we thought that it may be purely political matter and not having concern of common people but we can never deny every thing in this way. If we lost our awareness about our past definitely we will loose our present as well as our future. Actually the question is not that who was sacrifice during the freedom fight? The question is what is our morality to the past, which that we are under the debate? There are few questions that firstly how much have we respect to our past mean our history? Secondly; how much has we proud to our past? Thirdly; what is the way to present to our view about our affection with the past? By the summarized all of these questions that what is our behavior about the heritage in the general life?
       Firstly; we should think that what is our view about our heritage? Are we taken like our wealth? Are we taken like our property? Are we taken like proud? Or, are we taken like wastes?     
       We have a rich culture through the ancient time. We have a rich heritage in our country. There are several monuments; caves, forts, temple, monastery, tombs, rock-shelters etc. We have a big treasure of ancient art and sculpture. But it is bad to think that when we were visiting these places we never noticed our behavior. We touch the precious piece of monument, we scratch them, plug them and try to ruin by the different way. We carve our name on the same. Most of the people protect the icons by the religious point of view but some are smuggled them for money. The people who are protected as a God’s idol they are also damaged them unwittingly. They are uses milk, oil, water and other chemicals on the idol. They touché and rub them regularly. They pay respect by this manner even though they damaged the antique. They have never thought that the idol can be an invaluable relic. They are never took them as a historical object. In an incident there was a washerman had washes clothes on a stone slab. One day an archeologist had saw that stone slab. He amazed to saw that the stone slab was not ordinary, that was the inscription slab. That was the precious piece of relic. Well, it happens only by the illiteracy but the people which are literate also damaged the relics. They treated like a destroyer. They stolen by cut-off icons from the temples and smuggled them in abroad. Some times they were trapped and punished by the law.
        Some people damaged their heritage in other way. They scratch and carve their name and love symbol (plus, minus, heart etc.) on the historical object. There is lot of temple-walls, icons who damaged. There were mosaic of monument’s floors, walls and ceilings are scraped-off by the visitors. How to do that they are? Actually, they do not know the importance of their history and heritage. So, it is necessary that the literacy of history and heritage should be spread among every people and by this manages the behavior.
        Leave the duel on the subject of history should be attention to prevent the causes of peril on history and heritage. The basic methods of protection of monuments and relics are should be put in the syllabus of school and collage. Should given be the knowledge about history and heritage to the general public by the arrange seminars, workshops, posters, pamphlet and by the volunteer works. Remember! Any archeologist or historian can not be protects to ‘H’, without the hands of general public.                                          

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  1. H-literacy heard this term first time.
    Indeed we should know about our history and culture not just for sake of general knowledge but for ourselves.

    It was a nice read.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. Jyoti Mishra ji,
    Glad to see you in my old post.
    Actually H-literacy is my own terminology which was I given to district authority and our Stat Government by the press-write up as member of District Archeology association.
    This article was published in 'MP Chronicle' news paper 5-6 years ago.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं