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Fort Of MOTH

Fort of Moth, Uttar Pradesh
The fort of Moth is a precious piece of Indian Heritage. This medieval period's fort saw the first freedom fight of 1857 and it is silent witness of first Freedom fight. 
Moth is a town and a nagar panchayat in Jhansi district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
Moth is located at 25.72°N 78.95°E. It has an average elevation of 191 metres (626 feet). the cricket team of moth is also famous. Nearest village-reo bakuan, bharosa, dhwar ki matan, dasna, reo is also one of them. There is a famous devi mandir, and high mountain, kasai babba mandior is also famous. There is an old neem trees, that is mounted by mr. gya prasad khare, there is also an old hanuman mandir and hardol mandir.

Fort of Moth, Uttar Pradesh

The place was earlier called "Math" and during British rule in India, the name changed to "Moth" due to their British accent. The place has an old fort which is almost in to ruins now.
Moth village near fort of Moth

Moth has had a long list of freedom fighters, who might not be very famous but contributed to India's freedom movement at length. One of them is Kanhaiya lal Agrawal(Chirmole), who died in year 1994. Other than those there was one Baba Rusia ( he could talk in reverse sentences) and one Bhalla baba who contributed to India's freedom struggle, Sidhgopal Tiwari(of Bharosa village) was most educationist. Their role is very important and at local level persons like them were skeleton of India's freedom struggle.