गुरुवार, जनवरी 01, 2015

COOL COOL 1st January 2015...& Me..... On the way of Abchand Cave

 In the ravines of river Gadheri,ensconced in the dense growth of Abchand reserve forest ( 23 45' N and 78 55' E), about 22 miles east of Sagar on the Sagar-Damoh road, exist about a dozen rock-cut caves with paintings of the same type as found at Singhanpur and Adamgarh.The largest cave is about 40 feet in length and its walls contain more than a dozen paintings showing activities of the pre-historic men.

 The hunting scenes represent individual or group of hunters. They are equipped with bows and arrows, spears and other weapons.The game animals shown in these paintings,are bison's, bulls,deer antelopes, tiger, boars etc. In one of the Shelters a fierce fight between two tigers is fitfully depicted.The primitive people seem to have amused themselves with songs and dances. At one place seven figures are shown dancing hand-in- hand in a row. In front of them are played instruments like drums, dhapli and flutes. The colours used in these paintings are yellow, green, red, black, and white.

 The red colour shows different shades, dark orche and pink. The super- imposition or overlapping is also clear in some cases. There are alos some symbolic representations such as the swastikia, taurine, cross and the tree within railing symbols.

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