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Premchand made a history in Hindi Literature by his Stories and Novels....

Story Writer Premchand
Munshi Premchand, a Hindustani literature (Upanyas Samrat) and Indian writer (novel writer, story writer and dramatist), was born in the year 1880 at 31st of July in the Lamhi village (near Varanasi). He is the famous writer of the early 20th century. 
Bust of Story Writer Premchand

He got died at 8th of October in 1936 by serving the people with his great writings. The birth name of him is Dhanpat Rai Srivastav and pen name is Nawab Rai. He wrote his all writings with his pen name. Finally his name becomes changed to the Munshi Premchand. His first name Munshi is an honorary prefix given by his lovers in the society because of his quality and effective writings. As a Hindi writer he wrote approximately dozen novels, 250 short stories, numerous essays and translations (he translated a number of foreign literary works into the Hindi language).
Village Monument of Story Writer Premchand

He made a history in Hindi Literature by his Stories and Novels. 

Read his Hindi story "Thakur ka kuaa" ... http://samkalinkathayatra.blogspot.in/2015/07/blog-post.html

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